We provide translation and localization services in a variety of language pairs, while meeting tight deadlines and maintaining meticulous professional standards.





Our translation branch specializes in legal and commercial translations. 

We translate legal materials, such as contracts, court papers, commercial agreements and various other legal documents for major law firms and corporations. 

Given our specialized areas of practice, we place great emphasis on our translators' ability to faithfully convey the slightest nuances and implications deriving from each translated text.

At the same time, we are aware that our clients work under strict deadlines, hence we strive to maintain a high level of availability and commitment to provide swift and flexible solutions in order to meet predetermined deadlines.

With growth and expansion, comes the important step of localizing your products, services, website content and more. Our localization solutions help you make your products world-ready.

We specialize in the localization of websites and online platforms in dozens of language pairs.

The quality and efficiency of our international team of translators have been successfully tested and proven in a series of complex localization projects. 

With the emergence of the GDPR and privacy protection regulation around the world, more and more companies recognize the importance of localizing the terms of use and privacy policy documents on their websites.

Thanks to the legal expertise and vast experience of our team in this specific area of practice, we specialize in the localization of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy statements to dozens of language pairs.
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Our client list consists of major law firms, corporations and non-profit organizations

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