Privacy Policy & Terms of Use Localization



Many privacy laws, and in particular the GDPR, require that you clearly communicate your data processing procedures to your audience in a way they can easily understand.


In fact, the EU supervisory authorities specifically determined in their interpretation of the GDPR that privacy statements should be translated to enable data subjects who speak different languages to understand how their data is being processed:




The footnote to this section further determines that this requirement is more likely to apply to websites that operate in multiple languages or offer goods and services to different countries:

(Source: Article 29 Working Party Guidelines on transparency under Regulation 2016/679, p.10)

Therefore, if your website or app is designed to attract visitors from different countries, you should consider localizing your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to multiple languages to meet your legal obligations and reduce your liability.

Beyond the importance of complying with the legal requirements that apply to you, users appreciate transparency. Nowadays, as users become ever more aware of their rights, companies that take efforts to localize their legal statements and make them easily understandable are perceived as more mature and market-ready. 

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We create an added value for our clients by combining our expertise in the field of legal translations with their localization needs.

Our team of experienced and tested translators specializes in the translation of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy statements in multiple language pairs.

In this capacity, we have successfully completed dozens of complex localization projects and helped our clients reach new markets, enhance their compliance and increase costumer satisfaction. 

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